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Parker 43 Series Part Number Guide

Identify Hose Fittings from the Parker catalog using the guide below

To help you find the hydraulic fittings you are looking for, we've put together a guide to help identify and decode the Parker fittings part number. Next to the part number is the thread description and hose fitting shape. To purchase fittings designed to work with your application, click on the description.

Parker 43 Series Fittings
About Parker 43 Series Fittings

Parker 43 Series hose fittings are some of the most common fittings used in hydraulic applications. This style of Parker Fittings is attached in a fixed manner by crimping it onto a hydraulic hose, with the help of a crimper. Like many other brands, the 43 Series Fittings are available in many configurations like the popular JIC, NPT, ORFS threads. They also come in all shapes and sizes. The Parker 43 Series fittings can be crimped onto hoses like the 2-wire braid, SAE 100R16 and SAE 100R2AT.